Blood & Thunder

It’s hard to imagine this series getting better, but it does. I’m seriously fangirling over Dex. Did I mention in my previous review that I love him? No? Well, I do. I love him a lot. Something I love about this series is the humor. Yes, there is angst and yes, there are bad guys and everything. But the humor is always there and I love a good laugh when I’m reading.

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Let me just tell you I am inhaling this series….Book One Hell and High Water introduced me to the THIRDS and Charlie Cochet. In not knowing what to expect, book one, won me over at first chapter. Ms Cochet’s world building was smooth and easy to follow. Her characters are introduced, in a way that you can picture them, each having such definitive personalities and looks, there is no confusion about who is who. This author has a great ability to keep writing some really dark issues and blows your doors off with such great humor to lighten your load…. Charlie Cochet, you write magic !!!! Off to book 3 Rack and Ruin

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Charlie Cochet knows how to tell a story. She creates incredible heroes, puts them in untenable situations and allows them to find a way. The THIRDS series is fast becoming a favorite and we have many more to read. Kudos to Charlie Cochet for creating such an amazing series with incredible, quirky and loveable characters, the are faced with completing complicated and amazing tasks.

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Nothing about this series is typical so expect the unexpected. We love that the shifter aspect is unique and fresh, so even readers who don’t generally like shifter stories will find enjoyment in these books. And the humor … so good.

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Charlie Cochet has again created an outstanding intense action saga intermingled with heartwarming moments as well as moments of humor. I enjoyed Blood & Thunder immensely.

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I enjoyed this just as much, if not more in some instances than the first book in the series. With most of the world building engaged in Hell & High Water, this became a more character driven story that drew me in deeper. This will definitely be a re-read and one of my all-time favorite books/series. This is an absolute must read.

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I love, LOVE, L.O.V.E this series! This book was amaziiiing. I’m even more in love with characters than I already was. 

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This book pulled me in from the very first, and kept me glued to my e-reader wanting to know what was going to happen next. If you want a tale that has enough twists and turns to make a roller coaster look like a Sunday drive, steamy sex between hot men, and enough action to satisfy the most extreme adrenaline junkie, then grab this book and hang on for one wild ride!

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HOLY HANNAH!! This book was AMAZING!! These guys just crawl into your heart and they don’t let go. I have to say this is one of those books that will keep you so entertained from the first word to the very end. I didn’t want it to end, because I knew that it would be a couple of months until the next one and I don’t wanna wait that long!!

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I was so excited (and impatient) to get my grubby little reviewer hands on this book after reviewing the first one in the series and let me tell you it did not disappoint!!! Dex, Sloane and the team are fast becoming my favourite characters…. Charlie Cochet has added another brilliant book to this new series and I am biting my nails waiting for Rack & Ruin. This series is exciting, well written and addictive!

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This has become my favorite series in the genre in just two short books! The attention to detail, world building and character development is some of the best that I’ve read in years. Fans of strong alpha male archatypes, SyFy, paranormal and shifters will all enjoy this series. But with the element of mystery, intrigue and suspense that is added to the storylines… I think anyone would find something in this series they can latch on to and enjoy. I highly recommend it, but start with book 1 if you missed it or you’ll be completely lost!

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Nothing makes me happier than to read a sequel that is just as outstanding and exactly what I was hoping for. Nothing makes me more content than to start the next book in a series and fall easily into where I left off in the previous book. It is just so freaking perfect when that sequel follows the natural progression in the professional and personal partnership of these two men who are on the path to one of the finest happily-ever-after’s ever!!!! Blood & Thunder is all that, and lots more; so much more, and once again, I’m left eagerly awaiting the THIRDS book.

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Blood & Thunder has all the elements of a great page-turner of a novel—romance, danger, suspense, humor, conflict, all built around two heroes who, it’s quite clear, are a little bit perfect for each other. These books have brought a splash of excitement to our summer reading fare, with the promise to propel us headlong into a thrilling autumn.

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… book #2 [opens] up to a spectrum of thrilling scenarios that push the story forward in many ways and there’s no doubt Charlie Cochet pulls all the stops out again as the storyline she chooses to lead us and the team into this time, is one hell of an exciting ride! And WHAT a ride it was… I was totally flying on adrenaline from the abundance of testosterone and high octane action brought to us through the vivid imagery Charlie Cochet manages to convey through words alone. Not only is she a credible author but she also happens to be an excellent writer. I don’t know about you, but I’m buzzing with excitement!

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… a great follow up and a wonderful extension of the series. I am so excited to see where the author continues to take this series. It looks like there are more books featuring Dex and Sloane and then some planned with other couples (and I have some ideas of who they might be and can not wait!). So another great installment in what is turning out to be a fabulous series.

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