Many authors look to various sources for visual inspiration, putting together their dream cast from a host of TV and movie actors, musicians, models, and so on. For me, it’s always been difficult to cast actors as characters in my stories. Mostly because when I write, I tend to have an image in my head of what they’re like, and trying to find the right visual inspiration to fit my image is tough. It’s not simply about who looks the part, but who I can see playing the part. Well, with my THIRDS series, I found my dream team pretty quick. Obviously everyone will see the characters differently, and I may end up changing an actor or two along the way, but I managed to find my dream team. You can check them out on my THIRDS Pinterest Board here.


(You’ll find these cast members throughout the whole of the THIRDS series, some being introduced in different books. This list will most likely continue to grow.) Please note this is the current cast list and follows the current release timeline. Contains spoilers for previous books.


Sloane Brodie—Defense agent. Team leader. Jaguar Therian.

Dexter J. Daley “Dex”—Defense agent. Former homicide detective for the Human Police Force. Older brother to Cael Maddock. Adopted by Anthony Maddock. Human-Therian Hybrid.

Ash Keeler—Defense agent. Entry tactics and Close Quarter Combat expert. Lion Therian.

Julietta Guerrera “Letty”—Defense agent. Weapons expert. Human.

Calvin Summers—Defense agent. Sniper. Human.

Ethan Hobbs—Defense agent. Demolitions expert and Public Safety Bomb Technician. Has two older brothers: Rafe and Sebastian Hobbs. Tabby Tiger Therian.

Cael Maddock—Recon agent. Tech expert. Dex’s younger brother. Adopted by Anthony Maddock. Cheetah Therian.

Rosa Santiago—Recon agent. Crisis negotiator and medic. Human.


Dr. Hudson Colbourn—Chief medical examiner. Wolf Therian.

Dr. Nina Bishop—Medical examiner. Human.


Lieutenant Sonya Sparks—Lieutenant for Unit Alpha. Cougar Therian. Undercover operative for TIN (Therian Intelligence Network).

Sergeant Anthony Maddock “Tony”—Sergeant for Destructive Delta. Dex and Cael’s adoptive father. Human.


Ellis Taylor—Team leader for Beta Ambush. Leopard Therian.

Rafe Hobbs—Team Leader for Alpha Ambush. The oldest Hobbs brother. Tiger Therian.

Sebastian Hobbs—Team Leader for Theta Destructive. Was once on Destructive Delta but was transferred after his relationship with Hudson ended in a breach of protocol and civilian loss. Middle Hobbs brother. Tiger Therian.

Dominic Palladino—Defense agent. Close Quarter Combat expert for Theta Destructive. Human.

Angel Herrera—Defense agent. Pilot and BearCat driver for Theta Destructive. Human.

Osmond Zachary “Zach”—Agent for Alpha Sleuth in Unit Beta. Has six brothers working for the THIRDS. Brown bear Therian.


Louis Huerta “Lou”—Dex’s ex-boyfriend. Human.

Bradley Darcy—Bartender and owner of Bar Dekatria. Jaguar Therian.

Austen Payne—Squadron Specialist Agent (SSA) for Destructive Delta. Freelance operative for TIN. Cheetah Therian.

Dr. Abraham Shultzon—Head doctor during the First Gen Recruitment Program who was personally responsible for the well-being of the THIRDS’ First Gen recruits. Was also responsible for the tests that were run on the Therian children at the First Gen Research Facility. Recently apprehended by TIN for creating an unsanctioned Therian mind-control drug and for kidnapping THIRDS Therian agents for an unauthorized project.
Wolf—AKA Fang, Reaper. Former TIN operative turned rogue. Wolf became a freelance agent for hire after feeling he was betrayed by TIN, the organization that caused the death of his partner. Wolf Therian.

John Daley—Dexter J. Daley’s biological father. Anthony Maddock’s best friend and partner at the HPF. Killed during a shootout in a movie theater during the riots. Human.

Gina Daley—Dexter J. Daley’s biological mother. Worked for the CDC in NYC. First to volunteer to work with Therians. Killed along with her husband during a shootout in a movie theater during the riots. Human.

Darla Summers—Calvin Summer’s mother. Human.

Thomas Hobbs—Ethan, Sebastian, and Rafe Hobbs’s father. Suffers from Therian Acheron Syndrome. Tiger Therian.

Julia Hobbs—Thomas Hobbs’s wife, and mother to Ethan, Sebastian, and Rafe Hobbs. Human.

Benedict Winters—THIRDS-appointed psychologist.

Admiral Abbott Moros—Chief of Therian Defense. Tiger Therian.

Arlo Keeler—Ash’s twin brother killed during the riots in the 1980s.

Gabe Pearce—Sloane’s ex-partner and ex-lover on Destructive Delta. Killed on duty by his brother Isaac. Human.

Isaac Pearce—Gabe’s older brother. Was a detective for the Human Police Force who became leader of the Order of Adrasteia. Was killed by Destructive Delta during a hostage situation. Human.

Beck Hogan—Leader of the Ikelos Coalition. Killed during confrontation with THIRDS agents. Tiger Therian.

Drew Collins—Beck Hogan’s second in command. Cougar Therian.

Felipe Bautista—Drew Collins’s boyfriend. Wolf Therian.

Milena Stanek—Antiques acquisitions. Rosa’s girlfriend. Leopard Therian.


The Order of Adrasteia – Group of Humans against Therians. Has one primary leader.

The Ikelos Coalition – Vigilante group of Therians fighting the Order. Has a leader and second in command.

Westward Creed – Gang of Human thugs who went around assaulting Therian citizens during the riots of 1985. Were arrested for causing the deaths of several Therians but released due to “insufficient” evidence. Eight members all together but only five became members of the Order: Angel Reyes, Alberto Cristo, Craig Martin, Toby

Leith, Richard Esteban, Larry Berg, Ox Perry, Brick Jackson.


Melanoe Virus—A virus released during the Vietnam War through the use of biological warfare, infecting millions worldwide and killing hundreds of thousands.

Eppione.8—A vaccine created using strains from animals immune to the virus. It awakened a dormant mutation within the virus, resulting in the altering of Human DNA, and giving birth to Therians.

Therians—Shifters brought about through the mutation of Human DNA as a result of the Eppione.8 vaccine.

Postshift Trauma Care (PSTC)—The effects of Therian Postshift Trauma are similar to the aftereffects of an epileptic seizure, only on a smaller scale, including muscle soreness, bruising, brief disorientation, and hunger. Eating after a shift is extremely important, as not eating could lead to the Therian collapsing and a host of other health issues. PSTC is the care given to Therians after they shift back to Human form.

THIRDS (Therian-Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron)An elite, military-funded agency comprised of an equal number of Human and Therian agents and intended to uphold the law for all citizens without prejudice.

Themis—A powerful, multimillion-dollar government interface used by the THIRDS. It’s linked to numerous intelligence agencies across the globe and runs a series of highly advanced algorithms to scan surveillance submitted by agents.

First Gen—First Generation Therians born with a perfected version of the mutation.

Pre–First Gens—Any Therian before First Gen Therians. Known to have unstable versions of the mutation, resulting in a number of health issues.

BearCat—THIRDS tactical vehicle.

Human Police Force (HPF)—A branch of law enforcement consisting of Humans officials dealing only with crimes committed by Humans.

Sparta—Nickname for THIRDS agent training facility at the Manhattan THIRDS headquarters.

TIN—Therian Intelligence Network. Therian equivalent to the Human CIA.

TINMAN—TIN operative. Nicknamed after the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz as TIN operatives are rumored to have no heart.

Anti-Therianism—Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against Therians.

Therian Classification—Tattoo marking on a Therian’s neck displaying the Therian’s classification, including family, genus, and species.