Catch a Tiger by the Tail

This was my favorite book in what has been a spectacular series so far. I think most THIRDS fans are going to get what they were looking for from this book and will be counting the days until the next release date.

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The THIRDS gang is back! I was delighted to finally read Calvin and Hobbs’ POV and I enjoyed getting to know them better overall. These guys are full of surprises. As always, it was a lot of fun to spend time with the crazy Destructive Delta team. Their frolicking and bickering puts a smile on my face every time.

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This book was simply addictive, a real page turner, I was glued to the pages, I couldn’t put it down, nothing else mattered, only the book. The time will drag for me until the next book is out and I for one, cannot wait, I love this series!

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Although Catch a Tiger brings more difficult moments due mostly to Ethan’s illness and his family dynamic, it’s still a THIRDS book, which means it’s often hilarious. I loved seeing both Calvin and Hobbs grow and resolve their issues, not only because it’s their well deserved happy ending, but because it further strengthens the team.

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This charming story is all about Calvin and Hobbs. Now, we’ve gotten to know them some during the series and start to fall for them. This book…DAMN…these guys just got more Amazing. You see through each character’s eyes and really get to know who they are. I have to say that there was way more to these guys than I even guessed and I’m really happy that their story got told.

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I have been eagerly awaiting Calvin and Ethan’s (aka Hobb’s) story and I think Cochet really did them justice in Catch a Tiger by the Tail. This is a friendship we have been following since the start of the series and a relationship we have seen growing over the past few books. So I loved finally getting a book devoted to these guys and their relationship.

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This series is amazing! I absolutely adore the characters in these books, and was so happy to get to read about Calvin and Hobbs. Because really, how cute are they? Just saying their names makes me smile.

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What is it about this series that has captured all our imaginations and left us clamouring for the next book? The entire Thirds series has become a huge comfort read series for me – if I have a book hangover I return to Dex and Sloane, if I’m out walking or if I’m travelling I turn on the audio books and return to Dex and Sloane. It’s not even all about Dex or Sloane either, I love the whole damn team!

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