love music and when I write, I like to listen to songs that set the mood or tone of the scene or chapter with lyrics that closely match what’s happening. These are the playlists I listened to for inspiration while writing the THIRDS. Hope you enjoy!

Dex's Mix tape300

Hell & High Water, Book 1 Playlist

Blood & Thunder, Book 2 Playlist

Rack & Ruin, Book 3 Playlist

Rise & Fall, Book 4 Playlist

Against the Grain, Book 5 Playlist

Catch a Tiger by the Tail, Book 6 Playlist

Smoke & Mirrors, Book 7 Playlist 

Thick & Thin, Book 8 Playlist

Darkest Hour Before Dawn, Book 9 Playlist

Tried & True, Book 10 Playlist

THIRDS Books Music Video Playlists on YouTube

Dex’s 80s Playlist