Rise & Fall

Rise & Fall begins in the midst of chaos, and newbies unfamiliar with the series might be slow to catch up; however, once the background is given and the glossary at the beginning is consulted a few times, it’s easy to immerse yourself in this action-packed world. Dex knows he loves Sloane, but the intensity of emotions challenges him to find a balance that doesn’t betray his duty to the team. Sloane’s recovery time gives him time away from the mission to think about his feelings for Dex, a silver lining to a difficult experience, and you’ll definitely be rooting for these two tough guys to triumph.

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I promised myself to not be a raving fangirl while sharing my love for this series. It’s hard not to because the entire concept of this series has been well conceived and so very well written by the author. Charlie Cochet has been able to give life to not just one couple, but six complete couples in various stages of relationships. She’s made you want to know more about them or cheer them on or want to slap them depending on their actions. That’s a lot of care and detail packed into one book and you enjoy the ride she takes you on. This is one of those series that you need to give a try because all the elements combine into what may very well be your next favorite book.

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It is a well known fact that I am highly addicted to Charlie Cochet’s THIRDS Series and all the extremely fabulous characters she has brought into my life. In my opinion, this is the best book in the series so far. We got to see so much more of the serious side of Dex and Sloane both. Neither one of these men are known to share their feelings often, but when they do, WOW, they really do. I am already starting a countdown to the next book. I may even be doing a tad bit of whining, but don’t tell anyone.

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It’s safe to say by now that I’m a total fangirl when it comes to this amazing shifter world Charlie Cochet created. The author gave me everything I wanted from this installment: engaging plot, fun and charming characters, lots of love and thrilling action.

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I have to give it to Charlie Cochet. She never fails to give us pure unadulterated entertainment with her THIRDS series. The whole cast of characters are larger than life, lovable to the extreme and addictive because of it, making it compulsive reading and you just have to come back for more.

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There is so much to love about this fourth installment of the THIRDS series…. Charlie Cochet has continued to impress me with this amazing paranormal romance infused with incredible side characters, dialogue and edge-of-your-seat action. If you have not read this series yet, then I highly recommend you stop whatever you’re doing and pick up that first book. This is definitely a series where I eagerly await the next book, but simultaneously dread it ever ending. That speaks volumes and is one of the many reasons this series will remain an absolute favorite.

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I LOVE this series! Just thought I would get that out of the way.Although the books focus on the team the first three books and now this one have concentrated on Dex and Sloane and as Book 5 looks to be Ash and Cael’s story I really hope Charlie will continue to feed my Team Leader hero worship and keep me updated on my favourite Alpha male characters. I mean can we really ever have enough of Dex and Sloane?

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Charlie…you’ve ruined me, AGAIN!!! Charlie has again given a us a very well-written book with characters that steal you heart and a storyline that flows so smoothly that you can’t believe that you’ve reached the end. Again you’re completely drawn into this wonderful world that you’ve gotten to know and a truly amazing cast of characters that you just can’t get enough of.

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Rise & Fall is my favorite of the series so far , and please note that all the previous books made it to my Favorites Shelf. So this is like the Favorite Favorite of the series. This book had everything. It was packed with action and romance , it was intense in so many ways, fun and hit me right in the feels! 

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Yet again Charlie Cochet has created an incredibly impressive saga. The action is powerful, the characters are hilariously fascinating. I enjoyed Rise & Fall immensely.

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